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Tips To Protect Your Jewelry

If your necklaces are tangled with your bracelets and hair bands, and you can only find one earring at a time, it’s time to find an organizational remedy for all that jewelry.

Jewelry boxes, which are typically limited in size, aren’t the only solution for storing your goodies.
Valuable items:

• Store valuable jewelry separately from costume jewelry.

• Valuables such as pearls should be stored in the original case for protection. Other valuable items can be stored in a velvet-lined jewelry box. Be sure to secure valuables in a safe or a remote location (not your sock drawer).

• If you received new jewelry for the holidays, be sure to add it to your insurance policy so it’s protected if it’s lost or stolen. Contact your local insurance agent for details; typically the agent will need a jewelry appraisal from a certified professional.

• All jewelry, including costume jewelry, should be stored in a cool, dry place away from humidity. (Get it out of the bathroom.)
Costume jewelry:

• Use small plastic boxes meant for fishing tackle and craft storage to separate earrings, giving each set its own home. Organize earrings according to color: silvers and blacks in one box, browns and golds in another.

• Get a hanging jewelry organizer — these simply hang like a closet hanger and offer dozens of flexible plastic pockets on each side. One organizer can hold as many as 80 pieces of jewelry, offering enough space to include earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

• To display your wares in a dressing area, grab an earring tree.

• Make your own jewelry storage by using a wooden hanger; tap in small nails or affix small c-shaped screws at various intervals for hanging necklaces.

• Convert an old screen into a jewelry hanger by weaving through pieces of wire for hanging necklaces and bracelets — earrings simply clip through the screen.

• Cover a bulletin board in decorator fabric, and use pushpins to organize wares.

• Attach hooks to decorative picture frames (without the glass) to hang necklaces and bracelets; fill the inside with corkboard for earrings.

This is the opinion of Sarah Colburn, a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom. Email her at or

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